A Glance Again At Art News In 2021, From Nfts To Restitution

Although it is possibly far-fetched to talk about AI as artistic or imaginative, the melding of pictures from different sources, with large elements of the random, closely approximates some aspects of the artistic course of. AI is performing like a kind Art News of collective unconscious, and I do discover a few of what it produces very attention-grabbing. I don’t suppose that animated movies made entirely by AI can be very profitable, but used with human guidance throughout the process, they could most likely work very well.

And we must be grateful to be challenged and knocked out of our habits and assumptions! Most of the things that worry me about this fall into the realm of the social and moral. I hope there are nice artists to help us think about round and work with this new reality. October 26, 2023 • Through pictures and phrases, creator Nora Krug …

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