Our aerators will help improve the quality of your water, and we back our aerators with a five-year warranty to ensure that they will get the job done. Anywhere improving water quality in a pond is needed – whether it’s your backyard pond, an irrigation pond on a farm or golf course, or your community’s detention pond, we have a solution for you!

Though the splashing water of a decorative floating fountain supplies a degree of beneficial surface aeration, the spray and propeller of aerating fountains supplies more GPM (gallons per minute), meaning a higher volume, more splashing and movement of water than an ornamental fountain offers. Decorative aerators with the v-shaped plume spray pattern offers a higher degree of oxygen transfer than decorative fountains, which could be the best choice for a large body of water with aeration as the primary goal.

Top Brands

Discount Pumps is pleased to provide products from leading manufacturers of pond fountains.
Scott Aerator is another experienced manufacturer of high-quality water aeration systems and pond fountains for more than 50 years. They are a family-owned business that offers tested, proven, American-manufactured fountains and aerators, guaranteed. Their products have been the best sellers for Discount pumps since 2004.
Kasco Marine is a company based out of Wisconsin that specializes in floating decorative and aerating fountains along with other products that promotes healthy water quality. They continue to grow in popularity after over 40 years of business.

Picking a Pond Fountain for Aeration Pond depth, shape, and size are all factors that come into play when selecting a fountain.
Depth: Generally, it’s recommended that a fountain be used for aeration in ponds that are less than six feet in depth. Since a fountain draws water from the upper strata of the water column, water below six feet may not receive adequate circulation. Subsurface aeration is recommended for deeper ponds.

Shape: Pond fountains will work good for aerating round ponds. However, for ponds with an irregular shape, the water will not circulate as well, and a fountain may not have the ability to aerate all areas of the pond. Subsurface aerators can be placed in outlying areas in that case.
Size: Pond fountains in larger ponds require more powerful motors. A good rule of thumb when choosing a motor for an aerating fountain is 1.5 HP per acre. The height of the spray is also determined by the size of the pond. To avoid too much water being removed, a fountain should spray water to a height of no more than half the width of your pond.

Lighting for an Aerating Fountain

Pond fountain lights are a gorgeous accessory, adding visual appeal to a pond in the dark . Discount Pumps offers a variety of lighting kits, available in sets of two, three and six light fixtures with waterproof connections. The fixtures come with multiple colored lens options. Install the LED lights just above the surface of the water for the fullest illumination of the water feature from below. The following are just a few of things to stay in mind when lighting a fountain.

Type of bulb: Discount Pumps offers LED lights with a variety of colored lens caps. Kasco’s RGB lighting is a new product that has color-changing LED bulbs with the ability to create 9 different colors and 3 different sequencing patterns. Also, there is adjustment in the brightness of the bulbs. A remote control operates this lighting system, and it can also be paired with a music device so that the light sequence can change with the rhythm of the music.

Quantity of light: The ideal number of lights depends on the size of your fountain. Lighting manufacturers recommend a 2 LED light kit for 1/2 HP units, and a 4 LED light kit for 1 HP to 3 HP units. Using a 4 LED light kit with a larger unit will provide a brighter display.

Other Accessories

In addition to lighting, Discount Pumps offers other pond accessories, including rocking piston sub surface aeration kits, solar power for
solar aeration systems, cleaning supplies, sludge remover, and dye. Discount Pumps professionals are available to help customers figure out which type of fountain that is best suited for their pond, and other accessories that will be the most beneficial for their needs.