A lot of people already know about Wearpack surely. Especially for those who like racing.

Racing suits become one of the important equipment for riders. Moreover, activities on the circuit are indeed identical to an accident that can endanger racers. Sometimes even lives are at stake.

This racer special suit also has a special design and materials. Considering its existence is very important as a protector for the riders. Wearpack is designed to protect the most important parts of a racer’s body. Understandably, racing like MotoGP is indeed very vulnerable to accidents. Therefore, to find truly quality motorcycle clothing online, you must visit the website https://shop.wheelsmotorcycles.co.uk/.

Without exception, wear packs are created using the best materials and using the latest technology. Reporting from the Redbull page, MotoGP organizers require to wear pack manufacturers to use kangaroo skin as a base material with a thickness of 1.2-1.4mm.

As a racer’s body armor, wear packs are also created using kevlar carbon panels. It serves to provide maximum protection at several important points of the human body such as the chest, spine, arms, elbows, knees, and bones. All parts are also made with great detail.

It was so detailed, the sewing process to unite every part was also a special concern. Not just any sewing, because the process is done using kevlar yarn. To strengthen the wear pack, the stitches are done twice and for some special parts even more than twice.

There is one part that is always a public concern, namely the hump that is in the upper back under the head. Hump ​​is also made of kevlar material. The hump has a dual function, first to support the helmet when the driver has an accident. Besides, the wear pack hump also functions as a storage area for drinking water.

The more important part is wear pack equipped with airbags. Of course, you already know the function of the airbags that is useful to protect the riders during an accident with a very hard collision. So automatically, the airbag that works with this special sensor will expand and protect the body of the racer and the hard impact. Within 0.3 seconds, 

wear pack can expand 4-5cm.

Riders are also made comfortable with wear packs. Because when the production process, wear pack manufacturers also pay attention to the convenience aspect for the users. Then don’t be surprised if wear pack is also equipped with a special sensor as a temperature regulator. The sensor will work automatically, if the temperature is too high then the coolant pump embedded in the wear pack will work by itself as a fan. The perforated part of the wear pack also has a function. Not only as decoration, because of its existence which is for air circulation.

Many other important parts accompany the existence of wearpack. Each wear pack will be equipped with knee, elbow and shoulder protectors. Where in these parts are equipped with thermoplastic which has a harder design in the middle while the outside or the edges are softer. So do not be surprised if the racer sometimes touches the asphalt in the knee.