Want to change the atmosphere of the dining room to be more memorable? Find the dining room lights that you are looking for here! New homeowners are usually too busy to choose furniture. Even though a nice and comfortable home must be equipped with proper lighting. Especially in transitional spaces. For example, the entrance area, hallway, and dining room.

Placing the right and attractive dining room lights that you can buy at the Flos can improve the feel and mood in the room. Here are some dining room lamp recommendations that you need.

Vintage Chandelier

Happy with vintage models? Why not choose a vintage style on your dining table lamp? In a spacious dining room, you can just place a chandelier on the dining table.

The design of this one lamp is not just a big disturbing circle, it will adorn and add to the atmosphere of your dining room so it is warmer. In addition, to a beautiful appearance by using iron as a hanger.

Industrial-Style Decorative Lights

Are you the type of homeowner who likes dark colors? Apparently, a decorative dining table with a black and industrial style is perfect for you. Dining room design like this illustrates that you are a simple person and like the old style.

The black color does look dark but, when combined with orange light on your dining table lamp, the beauty will be seen when first turned on. Really eye-catching, right?

Retro-Style Dining Table Lamp

Who among you doesn’t like the bright display? Of course, there are still many out there who like bright colors. With a variety of white furniture and wood accents on tables and chairs, the trick to choosing this furniture will be very useful for you.

Why? Because the colors above can let the light in and reflected in the room. Especially with your yellow dining table chandelier. Feels cheerful and also refreshing your dining room

Scandinavian Dining Room Decorative Lights

The lights in the dining room will certainly add to the cozy atmosphere inside. In this stylish dining room, you will have a chandelier made of woven bamboo. The shape that looks handmade will add a display of your artwork with a beautiful semicircular shape. Of course, making stiffness in the dining room decreases and feels more familiar.

Kingdom Dining Lights

Do you often watch royal films? Surely you are familiar with the shape of the dining table lamp as above. The shape is quite large and has small lights around it, making your house look classic. Also, decorate your dining table with patterned tablecloths. This classic style dining table lamp will be suitable when combined with furniture from wood materials.

Select the Yellow Light on the Dining Lights

You need to know, yellowish light in the dining room, has been widely used by many people. Because, psychologically this yellowish light can stimulate appetite, you know! Apart from that, you need to set up your chandelier installation, that is, the ideal distance is 28 to 32 inches. Make sure the chandelier is not too low or too high.