If you are someone on the lookout for some flooring ideas for your home, you might be interested in laminate flooring. However, it may not fit your needs perfectly. In addition, it is recommended that you start your journey in finding laminate flooring ideas by shopping around from outlets such as tile and floor superstores to familiarise yourself with the options available on the market, likewise reading some reviews such as from sites, for instance, swagger home furnishings reviews, to gain some insight and inspiration around which manufacturers and stores to trust in terms of good customer service and high-quality products. And in turn, this would make your shopping experience enjoyable as you would know what to look for in what would best suit your style and requirements.

Information on laminate flooring

How laminate flooring is made is easy to explain and consists of four layers. The layered effect is done using a high-pressure machine using heat to fuse them into one component. The bottom layer is called the Backer Layer, and an underlayment option can be added.

Nonetheless, the next aspect of this type of flooring is called the Core, which is made from high-density fibre. Then the next one is the visible part, which is the most important to most consumers as several design aspects are attached to them, offering the consumer versatility in colour, for instance, to create the perfect ambience in their homes. Finally, this layer is coated with a Wear Layer to ensure durability and hardiness.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with any product, there are drawbacks and positives to owning it. Such as, laminate flooring is accessible on a budget, giving you an unlimited supply of ideas that can even contribute to some DIY projectsinside the house. In addition, it is easy to clean, and you can use natural cleaning components, such as vinegar. And looking at those four-legged family members, it is 100% pet-friendly in terms of no harsh chemicals and an easy swipe of accidental spillage by your little “doggos” or cats. However, you would not own original hardwood floors as you would have wanted to, and this addition to your home would not increase the value of your humble abode. In addition, laminate flooring is prone to water damage; however, it is water-resistant. And this unwanted aspect would lead to unwanted expenditure on replacement installation costs. Finally, it is noisy as a hollow product; however, if the manufacturer had included a proper underlayment, the client would have avoided this irritation.

The history of laminate flooring

The historical facts behind laminate flooring are vastly available online. Therefore, do yourself a favour and familiarise yourself with the wonders behind the newly added laminate floors inside your home. It is believed that the invention of laminate flooring dates back to the 1970s when a Swedish company started to manufacture and sell this type of floor. However, this was not the beginning, as this company began to specialise in flooring products in the 1920s. Nonetheless, whichever way you would like to look at your new homely product line, it is a fact that you own a beautiful space in your home. And with all its pros and cons, it is clear that you have given your stamp of approval on it, so enjoy it!