Tips To Help Keep The Pond Water Clean

The quality of your water display is important for your water gardens. Therefore, it is especially important for pond owners to keep the water clean and debris free.
Reading this article to learn about helpful tips that will help you keep your pond water clear, clean, and maintain the quality of your water garden.
Make sure to maintain the right fish population

Not maintaining the correct fish population in your pond can lead to excessive fish waste and depletion of oxygen that can create an imbalance in water garden. If you have the excess fish population, try to give some of them to a different home or pond owners that will take some of your fish.
Do not dispense too much fish food

Dispensing more food than the fish can eat will leave the food unused that will eventually decay in the pond. Feed your fish once a day and keep the food in the pond for no longer than 3 minutes. Any remaining food that was not consumed after that should be removed from the pond.
Maintain a healthy plant population
Never keep more than 30-50{d56ba8b2f29b27958b57b70d345cb30451ac1e86e0b7c79c2eb0c660b2be60c9} plants on the surface of the pond. Too much plant population in the water can cause oxygen deficiency.

Choose the right pump size for your pond feature

The main purpose of lake fountain with lights is to circulate and add oxygen back into the water to reduce stratification. To ensure that it does this properly, you must make sure that the garden pond fountains intake isn’t restricted by dirt or debris. It should also not pump water higher than appropriate for the size of the pond or lake. Since every fountain has flow restrictions, you should make the right horsepower choice for your pond to ensure that it works efficiently in keeping the pond clean.

Remove all debris in the pond

Leaving debris in your water garden unattended can cause decay. If left to its own devices, the rotting debris mixed with fish waste and all that excess fish food causes increases in the level of ammonia in the pond. This is why you should clean out your pond of all the debris using a net or rake. Additionally, you should add beneficial bacteria and enzymes to the pond to keep it balanced, clean and healthy.
Keep the water cool during summertime

Pond water is cannot retain oxygen when its temperature increases more than 75°F. Therefore, you must use pond dye to shade and maintain the pond temperature.
All these factors will not only keep your pond looking healthy and clean but also maintain the life of your water garden fish.