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Because we know that, when performance can be more effective, its impact is certainly directly on business productivity for the better. Indeed, improving performance is not an easy job, we need some tips that we must do so that employees can work more effectively.


Many factors can affect one’s level of productivity, one of which is transparent in terms of job appraisal. Whether it’s for the amount of salary or clarity about how the work system that exists in business enterprises.

When an employee feels that the place he works is quite transparent. They are happy to improve performance.

Based on the survey, in broad outline, the thing that causes employees to work optimally is transparency in terms of assessment. So, they can be productive because they will be valued by the company.

Career path

A large company must have a clear career path. Because careers are part of the ideals of the workers.

Companies that have a clear career path system can directly provide great motivation for employees. They will give everything they can to be able to achieve the career they want.

For employee performance to continue to improve, company owners should always pay attention to the career paths of existing employees.

Conducive working atmosphere

The working atmosphere turns out to hold a very important factor besides a few points above. For this reason, there needs to be attention for company owners to always pay attention to the work atmosphere. Like by paying attention to cleanliness, social fellow employees and a good management system.

A conducive and comfortable work atmosphere will make your workers feel at home. Always excited when it comes to offices or factories. Of course, this kind of thing can make performance more effective so that the company’s activities continue to run smoothly.

Fulfilling Employee Rights

In addition to the above matters, fulfilling employee rights also affects performance. Employee rights such as salaries, bonuses, health benefits, and several other benefits have a direct effect. Usually, these rights are written on the employment contract.

For this reason, so that employee performance can improve, give employees rights with various incentives so that they have motivation while working. The more precise the technique of providing benefits, the more effective the performance is given by company workers.