The processes taking place in the body of the deceased are quite active, 1-2 hours after death, putrefactive bacteria begin to multiply and after 5 hours, microorganisms penetrate the air and an unpleasant odor appears. Companies providing a death cleanup service can help you not only eliminate the terrible odor, but also get rid of the dangerous  bacteria that can cause severe poisoning. Cleaning after death should be necessarily done along with disinfection!

Peculiarities of death cleanup service.

Cleaning after death is carried out using special equipment and professional tools, as it has its own specifics and needs special care for a number of reasons:

1. The health hazard posed by cadaveric poison;

2. Cadaverous smell, which is very difficult to eliminate.

Therefore, when cleaning up after a person’s death, not only standard work is carried out to remove dust and pollution, but also a set of measures to remove ptomaine putrid smell.

The putrid odor is strongly absorbed and is extremely difficult to remove. If you do not clean the apartment after the deceased person correctly, this odor will reappear in the apartment again and again and ordinary ventilation or cleaning will not help here.

What is the danger of cadaveric poison? When it enters the body of a person through cuts, the nail bed, barbs, cadaveric poison can cause suppuration, which is long and difficult to treat. In addition, cadaveric poison can cause lung diseases, such as pneumonia, cause fever, intoxication, and affect the lymphatic system. The danger of human cadaveric poison increases if the deceased died from a serious illness.

To remove cadaveric poison, cleaners offering death cleanup service treat surfaces with special disinfectants. Non-professionals will not be able to do such work on their own.

Given the complexity and health hazard of cleaning after death, cleaners use personal respiratory and skin protection equipment.

If the deceased was lying on the bed, then the mattress must be disposed of before cleaning up after death. If necessary, the employees of death cleanup service carry out the dismantling and removal of furniture and things surrounding the deceased (interior items, carpets, personal belongings, bedding, etc.), which have absorbed decomposition products and retain a very persistent putrid smell.

When determining the scope of work and the price of death cleanup service, the manager of the cleaning company evaluates the situation in the apartment:

location of the body (on the floor, on a carpet, on a sofa or bed, etc.);

the degree of leakage of human fluid;

material is the floor made of (linoleum, parquet, stone, etc.);

the temperature in the room;

ventilation of the room;

whether animals lived with the deceased, etc.

Special death cleanup service includes a thorough treatment of the ceiling, walls and floor. Only a team of professionals can disinfect apartments after the deceased. Based on their experience, specialists approach each specific case individually. Remember that disinfection after someone’s death should be carried out as quickly as possible because the longer the dead body stays in the room, the more difficult it will then be to carry out high-quality special cleaning, which can be much more expensive and take longer.